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"Spring" into Wellness with

Broderman Internal Medicine Associates, P.C.


Hornstein,  Platt and Associates Counseling and Wellness Centers





Living with Chronic Pain- Wednesday, April 10th 5:30-7:00pm

          Christine Lynch, LPC, a therapist with HPA and will draw on her work with cancer patients as she demonstrates the various modalities that we can use to reduce the physical pain that interferes with living your fullest life.  In this workshop you will learn to train your mind to control your pain, identify your strengths to stop pain from defining you and improve your quality of life while handling acute or chronic pain. Chris will provide at home techniques to assist you in easing your pain.


Mindfulness Class: Wednesday, May 8th 5:30-7:00pm

         Dave Juncos, Psy.D. a therapist with HPA, will be teaching a Mindfulness Class sharing his knowledge of the health benefits of Mindfulness as well as teaching several meditations and techniques he has used in his work with clients.  Well versed in mindfulness based therapy, Dave has used this work to help those with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression to find more peace in their lives. This class is targeted towards beginner meditators. The workshop will leave you calm with some excellent take-aways for at-home meditation practices. 

Food & Mood - Why Do We Emotionally Eat? Wednesday, June 5th  5:30-7:00pm

          Robin Hornstein, Ph.D and Integrated Health Coach, Clinical Director and Owner of HPA will share techniques to settle your food cravings and make sense of why you eat beyond fullness. The class will explore what makes us rush to food, how to tolerate emotions that arise that stop our fullness signals and understand why we also link our body image to our worth.  This workshop is for anyone with a wish to not overeat when they are not hungry.  


Where:       2325 Heritage Center Drive Suite 116 Furlong PA 18925

Cost:           $20 per workshop or $50 to attend all (3) workshops

Prizes:        Wellness Door Prize Raffle at each event!!! 

Time:          5:30 – 7:00 pm


Space is limited to 12 attendees per session, register now to reserve your spot


To Register:         Please send email to:  rthphd@yahoo.com or call 215.794.2462, ext. 115

                              Payment will be collected after you are registered

                              Please provide your name, contact information and the class(s) you will be attending


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