The practice is scheduling annual wellness visits, medical follow up and sick visits
  • Patients with a fever or respiratory symptoms will not be seen in the office
  • The practice will continue to schedule Tele Health Visits as appropriate
  • In office Appointment Protocols:
    • Patients should Ring the Door Bell once upon arrival
    • Patients should wear a mask to their appointment and keep the mask on throughout the appointment
    • Patient's will be screened and their temperatures taken prior to entering the office
    • Only patients will be allowed in the office unless it is medically necessary for a companion or caregiver to attend
We encourage patients to contact the office to schedule their annual wellness visit.
Antibody Test Facts:

It is a well-established concept in medicine that antibodies produced in response to infection confer some degree of later immunity.   Patients who have, or suspect they have, been infected with the coronavirus are seeking antibody testing so they may conclude they can be re-exposed without risk.

We recommend that if you are considering this option that you schedule time to speak with a healthcare professional to determine if the testing is medically appropriate for you or your family.

 ·         False positive rates are unknown. While the FDA gave 12 companies clearance to sell antibody tests, these companies did not have to prove accuracy. In fact, recent questions on accuracy led the FDA to announce that all companies selling tests must submit data proving accuracy or face removal from the market.

·         Immunity level and duration is not understood. The presence of antibodies should confer some immunity, but it is unknown for sure the degree or duration of immunity conferred against Covid-19. For comparison, antibody protection to the related SARS virus are protective for only about 2 years.

·         Antibodies for one strain may not protect against another. Pre-publication studies suggest the virus may have mutated, so antibodies to one strain of COVID-19 may not protect from other strains in the community.

Please contact the lab centers directly with any questions regarding their antibody testing. Each lab has a patient resource page(urls below).