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Diabetes Education & Support Workshop

Hosted by: Rebecca L. Lew, N.P., Certified Diabetes Educator  

Tuesday, July 23rd from 5:00-7:00pm

Prior Program Results


100% of patients saw an A1C reduction during the program

The range of A1C reduction was 10%- 31% across the enrolled patient population 

Patients who attended more workshops saw greater A1C reductions

  The program includes an office visit and the educational workshop

*Diabetes 101

*The Emotional Side of Diabetes 

To register for the program, please contact Broderman Internal Medicine Associates at (215)-794-2462.

The cost of the program is a visit copay 




Broderman Internal Medicine Associates, P.C.

Patient and Family Advisory Council

The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) launched in March 2019 and includes both patients and family caregivers working in collaboration with Broderman Internal Medicine Associates medical and operational staff members.  We are excited to implement the first PFAC recommendation...The Walking Group!   Thank you to the council for their time, insight and suggestions! 

PFAC Council Members

PFAC Council Members

PFAC Council Members


Advanced Care Planning-Available On Site 

Advance care planning (ACP) is the process of thinking about and making decisions for what kind of health care you would want at some point in the future, and then documenting your wishes to put in your medical record so it’s available to your medical team when needed.   

We believe that every adult should have an advance directive on file.  To assist you with this we encourage you to have an advance care planning conversation with a certified Looking Ahead ACP facilitator. The facilitator will guide you through the decision-making process and help you complete and finalize your Advance Directive, then see that this office and your hospital receive a copy to be filed in your medical record.

To learn more, please contact the office at 215.794.2462, ext. 114 for additional information and to schedule your appointment.  





 New Services

  • Diabetes Educational Workshop-Monthly Clinical Support Group
  • Medicare Advisor-Available for free consultations
  • Advanced Care Planning-On site appointments available
  • Behavioral Health Services

- Canalith repositioning (Eppley maneuver) for benign positional vertigo

- Corticosteroid injections for tendonitis, bursitis, and ganglion cysts

- Electrocardiograms

- Gynecological examinations/PAP smears

- Nebulizer treatments

- Physical examinations for school, camp, employment, and driver's licenses

- Pre-operative medical clearance

- Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of medical conditions in adolescents and adults 

- Removal of ear wax

- Cryotherapy-Removal of skin tags, warts, and other benign skin lesions

- Spirometry

- Vaccinations